FIG 1. Tin type of the artist at
Tredegar Ironworks, Richmond, Virginia. 

The Wild Wander creates art prints, gift wrap, paper goods, and gifts featuring the original artwork of Richmond, Virginia based illustrator Clara Cline. Following in the footsteps of early American naturalists, it's inspired by dusty libraries, cluttered studies full of artifacts, and an abiding curiosity for forgotten history and the natural world. 

We are passionate about preserving the natural beauty we enjoy, and committed to sustainable design. Screen prints are made with water based inks and the most environmentally friendly products available, and all of our patches are made in America. 


I am a self-taught illustrator living in Richmond, Virginia with my husband, daughter, and pack of furry team members. I graduated from the University of Virginia with a philosophy degree, a wandering spirit, and a lifelong love of illustration - none of which I was quite sure what to do with. After working a series of office jobs I was able to turn my after hours passion into my day job, and have been wandering my way through a creative business since. I'm a nature enthusiast, love poring over antiquarian ephemera, forgotten historical anecdotes, the changing seasons, and probably read too many young adult books about kids getting locked in natural history museums and libraries overnight.

In my free time I am the official stick and pinecone holder during walks in the woods with my little one

fur team.jpg

Frankie's former experience as a barn kitten has given her the skills she needs to succeed as official Shopcat of the Wander. In her free time she is an aspiring amateur taxidermist. 

Pike was recently promoted to Shop Dog First Class due to his invaluable studio support. He is a dedicated working dog, and you never have to ask whether he's up for staying late or working a weekend. In his free time he likes running as fast as he can in the woods. 

Panda is part-time Assistant Shopcat, his responsibilities are limited to ensuring everyone stops work for three squares. In his free time he is either eating or thinking about eating.