the wild wander


Why do you use water-based ink?

Unlike traditional plastisol inks, water based inks don't contain environmentally-harmful PVC or phthalates, or require harsh solvents for cleaning - it's 100% biodegradable pigment. We wash out all of our screens with citrus and soy-based cleaners, and have a filtration unit that triple filters any waste-water. 
On top of all that, while plastisol inks sit on top of the fabric, water-based inks soak in making fabric so soft you won't even feel the print. 
Where are your shirts, bags, and tea towels made?
We are committed to sustainability, so all of our shirts, bags, and tea towels are either made in the US or guaranteed fair trade. Just check the listing to see where the item is made, and feel free to write us with any questions.

Do you take custom projects? 
From hand lettering to chalkboard walls, we happily take on custom illustration, lettering, and screen printing work - just get in touch using the Contact link on our site. 
Can I customize cards or prints?
All of our cards and prints are only available in the colors and sizes shown on our site. While we love working on custom illustration and invites, in order to have time to make new stuff we're unable to customize existing work. 
Can you create one custom letterpress or screen printed print?
One of the beautiful things about the letterpress and screen printing process is that it takes time. There is a huge amount of prep work for any print run - after making the artwork we either create a die or expose a screen, mix ink, and set up the press. Because so much of the work is just setting up a print, we're usually printing in large batches. 

Who are the shop pets? 
If you follow us on Instagram, you already know our pets are an important part of life at the studio. We have three cats - Panda the hungry-eyed siamese, Babycat the tripod cat, and Frankie - former barn kitten and demented little angel.  Our Australian Shepherd Pike was recently promoted to Shop Dog First Class, and dutifully attends to every print run.